Every time someone picks Kinohimitsu for their health, beauty or detoxification needs, it is a testament of confidence.  At Kinohimitsu, we do our utmost to live up to this trust by ensuring that our ingredients, manufacturing processes and factory meet the stringent standards of governing bodies from all over the world. Our global users can thus choose our products, confident in the knowledge that they are certified safe for consumption.

Marks of Quality

Good Manufacturing Practice
Suitable for Vegetarian
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
Halal Certification
Eco-friendly Packaging
Certified by the Chinese National Authorities (PRC)
SGS Tested
CE Mark


Kinohimitsu is proud to be a member of the Japan Association of International Food & Nutrition (AIFN) and International Institute of Tea Flower.


Certificates of Accreditation


Research & Development

Professional Research & Development Team
We invited exemplary researchers from relevant backgrounds to form our Research & Development Team.


Advanced Technology
We use advanced technology such as nanotechnology and have attained numerous accolades, patents and international certifications.

Advanced Bio-Tech Extraction Technology
GMP & HACCP Certified Factory


Other References