Advisory Board


People from all over the world and all ages choose Kinohimitsu because they are confident of its efficacy and quality. At Kinohimitsu, we approach quality from all possible angles, not just from the standpoints of ingredients, nutrition and manufacturing processes.To ensure that we are able to deliver on these strict parameters, we are privileged to have distinguished figures from various fields on our advisory board. Dr Oshida Kyoichi, is the exemplary doctor helming the team of Kinohimitsu’s Advisors. Apart from him, professors, nutritionists and other scientists are in the committee committed to living out this focus on the customer.


Dr Oshida Kyoichi
Lipid Metabolism Scientist

Dr Oshida Kyoichi is a Lipid Metabolism Scientist. His expertise helps to deliver wellness solutions for lipid metabolism-related lifestyle diseases namely obesity, diabetes, cardio metabolic-related diseases, liver health-related diseases, cell membrane health etc.

Dr Kyoichi received his PhD from Juntendo University School of Medicine in 2003. He has served as Collaborative Senior Researcher (Juntendo University School of Medicine) and Councilor (Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition) since 2000. Dr Kyoichi is well-recognised for his work in public health education worldwide with special emphasis on lipid metabolism for overall health and the benefits of lutein for eye health. 

Besides many publications on various medical papers and researches on lipids, Dr Kyoichi is also well known in the pharmaceutical arena for his break-through chewable delivery system that has been granted patent rights in many countries notably Japan, Canada, the United States of America, and China.

Dr Kyoichi’s exposure to the consumer industry as Senior Research Scientist and Head of Technical Division for nutrition and wellness companies in Japan gives him the edge to excel in technical knowledge and pro-consumer well-being.


Mr. Tay Beng Chuan
Chairman, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board

Kinohimitsu is committed to integrating multi-discipline solutions with nature’s secret of botanical and herbal plant goodness for the benefit of mankind. In line with this commitment, we have Mr Tay Beng Chuan in our Kinohimitsu Quality Assurance Committee.

Mr Tay is a prominent figure in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) field, and forms part of the governing body that regulates practitioners. He was appointed by the Ministry of Health as chairman of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board since 7 February 2007. He was a Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament from 1997 to 2001 and since then has been a member of the Singapore Parliamentary Society. Mr Tay’s involvement in numerous professional associations and community groups is a testament to the respect and authority he commands in Singapore. His sensitivity to the needs of consumers broadened the Quality Assurance Committee’s decisions with a well-balanced perspective of caring for consumers; making consumers our main focus in all that we offer.


Ms. Liew Pei Yee
Certified Integrative Health Consultant

Ms. Liew Pei Yee , a registered Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioner by profession and she is also an active member of the advisory board for Kinohimitsu. She has served in this Board for more than 10 years. Her passion is to reach out and to educate the consumers about all the goodness of natural path in total wellness. Her ongoing involvement covers participations at several non-profit organization platforms to promote natural path in wellness such as Malaysia Association of Natural Medicine Education, American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine Summit (2012), World Chinese Natural Medicine Forum (2012), and Nutrition Society of Malaysia. She guards well all formulations and production processes to ensure our consumers truly benefit from all of the goodness of natural ingredients. This is consistent to the Brand’s promise of all natural ingredients.


Ms. Nicole Yow
Senior Nutritionist

Ms Nicole Yow graduated with an honours degree in Food Science and started her career in Quality Management in the manufacturing sector. She has served as a qualified nutritionist in the retail and network marketing industries, and has been a professional trainer at general public seminars and workshops for more than 6 years.

Ms Yow is currently holding a senior nutritionist position in TR Networks where she ensures that each and every of Kinohimitsu’s products meet stringent quality standards. As we believe that the consumer always comes first, we see the importance of quality control in all of Kinohimitsu’s offerings. Ms Yow’s role is pertinent in ensuring that consumers enjoy the “Freedom to live” by enjoying the natural and convenient health supplements.